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September 29, 2016

For those of you who don’t know Paul Wittenberger, he is the director and producer of several high quality films that I’ve participated in over the last few years. These films include: After the Tribulation, New World Order Bible Versions, Marching to Zion, the Revelation series, and the upcoming film, Babylon U.S.A.

Paul Wittenberger is a professional filmmaker, and his business is called Framing the World Productions. Framing the World has a website where you can purchase movies, CDs, flash drives, books, cool tee-shirts, etc. For some reason, Paul has been criticized lately for making money on these movies and other products, which he sells on his website.

We do not sell anything at Faithful Word Baptist Church because God’s house shouldn’t be a “house of merchandise,” but there is a difference between a church and a business. As the pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church, I have made a few of my own mini-documentaries, but honestly, my own videos are very amateurish. Paul is a professional, and he does a great job.

People will ask why Paul doesn’t just give everything away for free. He not only has to recover the expense that he pays out of his own pocket to make his high quality films, but he also has to earn a living. People will try to compare Faithful Word with Framing the World, but Framing the World is a for profit business, whereas FWBC is a church, which is a non-profit organization. If you are a plumber, why don’t you just travel around the country, fixing the plumbing in church buildings for free, and pay for all of your own expenses? There are wealthy people out there who do things like that, but most of us have to make a living. Just like an electrician or a plumber, Paul has to make a living at what he does.

Other people will wrongly assume that when they buy something from Framing the World, that the money is going to me or to Faithful Word Baptist Church. When they find out Paul Wittenberger is the owner of that business, and that I’m not making any money on these projects, they no longer want to purchase anything. This is the wrong attitude to have because Framing the World Productions is a great cause to support!

Paul Wittenberger used to work in Hollywood but now chooses to produce more important films, which is why the motto of his business is “Movies that Matter.” Because of what Paul does through his business, we have been able to reach millions more people with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Without Paul Wittenberger there would be no After the Tribulation movie. There would be no New World Order Bible Versions movie, and there would be no Marching to Zion. I, for one, am extremely thankful that my friend Paul is using his talent for the Lord.

People have complained about the fact that Paul has released the extra footage from After the Tribulation and is charging for those special features. He already gave you the entire movie for free, folks! The aforementioned documentaries are all available for free viewing on YouTube. Even though Paul makes his living as a filmmaker, he allows us to post most of his stuff on YouTube because he wants to help spread the important message of these films. Unfortunately, the more you give some people, the more they start to expect EVERYTHING for free.

Faithful Word Baptist Church gives away free materials to people who attend the services in person, and we even have giveaways where we mail things out to our online listeners for free. Some of the church tithes are allocated for these giveaways, and we are happy that we are able to do that. That said, there is a finite amount of money that we are able to spend on giving out materials. That’s where Paul Wittenberger with Framing the World Productions comes in. His online business is an excellent resource for purchasing additional materials similar to what you would find on the back table of our church for free.

I used to run a business called Anderson Fire and Security, so I know the expenses involved in running a business. When Paul makes a movie, there’s a huge initial outlay on his part, so by pre-ordering or donating to a film, you are helping to keep him and his family afloat during the project. On behalf of my good friend, Paul, I’d like to thank those of you who have donated or purchased from his website. Framing the World is a business, and it’s a good business.

Here is a sermon on not selling things in church.

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