Events at Faithful Word Baptist Church

Please note: All activities are always free of charge, including food, prizes, supplies, etc. Please feel free to invite family and friends to any church-sponsored activity!


Upcoming 2017 Events:

March 31 - Pastor Anderson preaching at Stedfast Baptist Church (Fort Worth, TX)

April 7 - Pastor Anderson preaching at Old Path Baptist Church (San Antonio, TX)

Apr 17 to 19 - Church Camping Trip, Group 1

Apr 20 to 22 - Church Camping Trip, Group 2

Apr 24 to May 5 - Malawi Missions Trip

May 19 - Soul-winning Marathon in Portland, ME

June 2 - Soul-winning Marathon in New Orleans, LA

June 24 - Soul-winning Marathon in Albuquerque, NM

Jul 13 to Jul 15 - Soulwinning in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico

July 27 - Pastor Anderson preaching at Red Hot Preaching Conference (Sacramento, CA)

August 6 - First Services of Valiant Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL