Events at Faithful Word Baptist Church

Please note: All activities are always free of charge, including food, prizes, supplies, etc. Please feel free to invite family and friends to any church-sponsored activity!


Upcoming 2017 Events:

October 27-28 - Navajo Nation Soul-winning Trip

October 31 - Chili Cook Off

November 2-4 - Post Trib Prophecy Conference in Glendale, AZ

November 5 - Pastor Anderson preaching in Prescott Valley, AZ

November 9 - Spanish Night at FWBC

November 10-11 - Pastor Anderson Preaching/Soul-winning in Vancouver, BC, Canada

November 11 - Tohono O'odham Soul-winning Trip

November 17-18 - Navajo Nation Soul-winning Trip

November 30 - Pastor Anderson preaching at FWBC Los Angeles

December 15-16 - Navajo Nation Soul-winning Trip

December 21 - Pastor Anderson preaching at FWBC Los Angeles