"Bastard Barry" - Sermon about Barrack Hussein Obama (KJV Bible Preaching)


November 2, 2014

Now, Titus Chapter 2, the part of the chapter that I wanted to focus on is the beginning of Verse number 3 where the bible reads, "The aged women likewise that they be in behavior as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine. Teachers of good things that they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed." The part that I really wanted to focus on is the part where it says "keepers at home." Now, let me say this, tonight I'm preaching about our beloved President, Barack Hussein Obama, and his recent statements that he made about women who stay home and raise their kids. I don't know if anybody heard the statements that he made, a few people.

Now, let me just read for you the statements from the President of the United States. He made a speech in Rhode Island recently where he said, "Someone, usually mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a result, and that's not a choice we want Americans to make. Let's make this happen. By the end of the decade, let's enrol 6 million children in high quality pre-school and let's make sure that we're making America stronger." So, according to him, it's a bad decision. It's a decision that just we, as Americans, don't want to see people making. I mean, when one of the parents actually decides to stay home and raise the ... You know, it's usually the mom. Yeah, thank God that we don't have a bunch of house-husbands today.

The mom stays home and raises the children and that's a decision that we don't want Americans to make, so we need to get them enrolled in a government pre-school and we need to get all these kids in the brainwashing centers as soon as we possibly can by age 3 or 4 or whatever. Now, the scripture actually teaches that it's good, that it's godly, that it's right for a mother to stay home and raise her children. In fact, that is the most important job that a woman could have. For example, when Adam named his wife, he called her name Eve because she was the mother of all living. Her very identity was wrapped up in the fact that she was a mother. That is actually an important job. Now, go if you would, to Proverbs 29. Proverbs, Chapter 29.

While you're turning there, let me just make mention of the fact that in this scripture it says, "That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed." This is not the ideal that is set forth by the world today. If you want to talk about a successful woman in the eyes of Barack Hussein Obama or in the eyes of just American society today, that's not what she looks like. You don't see a woman that is good and obedient to her husband and that loves her husband and loves her children and that's a keeper at home and doing housekeeping and taking care of important things at the house. No. It's a woman that has a career and she's a businesswoman and she's independent and she's doing her own thing. This is what a godly woman looks like according to the bible. This is a virtuous woman that would take care of her children. By the way, taking care of children is an important job.

The saying goes that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. It's an important job. Look at Proverbs 29, Verse 15. The bible says, "The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame." See, the mother is shamed when the child is left to himself. Flip over to Job, Chapter 39, Job. Chapter Number 39, just a few pages to the left in your bible. While you're turning to Job 39, let me read for you from Lamentations, Chapter 4, Verse 3, where the bible reads, "Even the sea monsters draw out the breast. They give suck to their young ones. The daughter of my people is become cruel like the ostriches in the wilderness."

The bible there is talking about the sea monsters drawing out their breast. This is referring to the fact that whales, the largest animals in the sea, that's why it's called a sea monster, just because of its great size, are mammals. They actually do give suck unto their young, so of course the bible is always very scientifically accurate to tell us that even the sea monsters draw out their breasts and they give suck to their young ones, but it says, "The daughter of my people has become cruel like the ostriches in the wilderness." When God wants to give us a picture of what a cruel mother looks like, he gives us the ostrich as an example. Now look at Job 39, where we can learn more about the ostrich.

It says in Verse 13, "Gavest thou the goodly wings unto the peacocks or wings and feathers unto the ostrich, which leaveth her eggs in the earth and warmeth them in the dust and forgetteth that the foot may crush them or that the wild beast may break them. She is hardened against her young ones as though they were not hers. Her labor is in vain without fear, because God hath deprived her of wisdom. Neither hath he imparted to her understanding." The ostrich here is put forth as an animal that is without wisdom and without understanding. Notice, it's an animal that labors, it works, it goes to work, but its work is in vain because it's not taking care of its young ones. It doesn't care about the hazards or bad things that could happen to those young children. It's almost as if they weren't even hers. She just doesn't even care, just drops them off somewhere and doesn't care what happens to them.

Okay, this is what we see today being put forth as the ideal or the norm for women to give birth to a child and then go labor in vain at some career while the children are not being raised and cared for by their parents as the bible teaches. You say, "Well this is old-fashioned. This is out-dated," but see, the bible's never out-dated. You talk about Abraham and Sarah as being an example, and you could say, "Well, Abraham and Sarah, you know, that was 4,000 years ago," but here's the thing about that, though. In first Peter, Chapter 3, that's held up as an example, where he says, "Even as Sarah also obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well and are not afraid with any amazement." Okay, Peter is writing that a few thousand years after Abraham.

If it was good enough for Peter to point to something 2,000 years ago, then it's good enough for me 2,000 years later to point to Peter and to point to Titus and point to these scriptures. The scripture are never out-dated. You say, "Well, times change." Well, times don't change for me, and for the Lord they don't change. He said, "I'm the Lord. I change not. Therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed." Now, let me point out something about the speaker. Go if you would to Deuteronomy, Chapter 23. About the speaker of this quote, Barack Obama, let me start out by saying this. If you're going to be offended by me speaking against our leader, Barack Obama, let me say this. John the Baptist preached against the king of the land that he lived in. He preached against King Herod and I'll tell you what he preached against him for. For having married his brother Philip's wife.

His wife had previously been married to his brother Philip and he married that woman and John the Baptist got up and preached and said that it was wrong for him to marry the woman who had previously his brother Philip's wife. He ended up going to prison for that and he ended up being beheaded for that. Okay, so he was willing ... And Jesus said, "Among them that are born of women there has not risen a greater than John the Baptist." He pointed out the sins and wickedness of King Herod and I don't think that there's anything wrong today, with us pointing out the sin and wickedness of our so-called leader or ruler, Barack Hussein Obama. Now, first of all, let me start out by teaching you this. Barack Obama, who's telling us how we should run our families and how we should raise our children, which is not the government's job at all.

The government's job is, according to the bible, Romans 13, just the punishment of evil-doers, not to sit there and educate us and raise us, but he's going to tell you ladies what you should be doing with your life. He's going to tell you ladies whether you should get a job or whether you should put the kid in daycare and say, "Well, hey, I don't want you to make that choice where you're a stay-at-home mom. Whatever you do, don't do that." He's going to say those things to you, but is he really qualified to make those type of statements about how to have a family and how mothers should raise their children, when he is a literal bastard. Let's look at what the bible teaches. He is a bastard. Let me show you from the bible. Now, there are 3 mentions of the word bastard. You're saying, "Oh, you're cussing." No, I'm showing you what the bible says. This is a bible word and the bible says every word of God is pure. Don't tell me that bible words are impure.

Let's look at the 3 mentions of the bible of the word bastard. Look at Deuteronomy 23, Verse 2. This is the first mention. "A bastard shall not enter into the congregation; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord." Now of course, this is not a New Testament passage. This is not teaching that, "You know, hey, bastards aren't welcome at church." That's not what this is teaching because this is out of the old covenant, Old Testament. This has to do with the cardinal ordinances of the tabernacle, later the temple, and things like that. We're not applying this to New Testament teaching, but since the word bastard's only mentioned 3 times, we needed to turn here just to get this reference of it and see that being a bastard in the Old Testament was considered a shameful thing where God said, "You don't have a full citizenship in the nation if you're a bastard son," according to Deuteronomy 23, Verse 2.

Go to Zechariah, Chapter 9. Zechariah, Chapter 9 is another mention of the word bastard. The one that we're going to learn the most from is in Hebrews 12. We're going to go to Zechariah 9 and we're going to go to Hebrews 12 because I want to define this bible word. What is a bastard? What does it mean to be a bastard? I'm going to show you that Obama is both physically bastard and spiritually bastard, both. Let's look at this in Zechariah Chapter 9, Verse 5. It says, "Ashkelon shall see it and fear; Gaza also shall see it and be very sorrowful, and Ekron; for her expectation shall be ashamed; and the king shall perish from Gaza and Ashkelon shall not be inhabited. And a bastard shall dwell in Ashdod, and I will cut off the pride of the Philistines."

Now what I believe that this is saying from studying the passage is that there's no longer going to be a legitimate king ruling in Ashdod. There's not going to be a legitimate prince of the Philistines that's going to be ruling in Ashdod, but rather that a bastard will be there, in power. Because if you get the context, it's talking about who's in charge, who the kings are, the princes are, who's in power. The reason that this is important is because when you think about kings, and hereditary type of monarchies, it was very important to them who the son is. In fact, human history was altered, when you think about the story of Genghis Khan and the Mongolian Empire, because Genghis Khan's wife was kidnapped from him before he was in power, and Genghis Khan's wife was kidnapped and right around the time he rescued her from those who had kidnapped her, right around that time she was found to be pregnant.

There was a question mark of wait a minute, is this even the physical, biological son of Genghis Khan or was it of those who had kidnapped her and given her to another man to be his wife. It just happened to be that his first-born son just happened to have been born with these type of issues around it, clouding it, and so therefore, years and years later when Genghis Khan is going to die, who's the successor going to be? Genghis Khan recognized his first-born son. He said, "You know what? It wasn't her fault that she's kidnapped and everything. Whether it is or not," he said, "I'm recognizing it as my son." But after he's gone, you know, the second born is saying, "I'm the real son. This is the bastard son," or whatever. That's why these words are used here in Zechariah Chapter 9 because in regard to ruling families it was important to them to know who is the real, legitimate son and who could be a bastard son, not the real legitimate heir to the throne.

Go to Hebrews 12. Let me say this, by the way, the word bastard was never used in a negative context until the mid-1800s where you would just call somebody, "Oh, you know, that guy, that bastard." That was not used until the mid-1800s. In fact, William the Conqueror, who conquered England from France in 1066, he was known even in official government documentation as William the Bastard, William the Conqueror and that was about 1,000 years ago. That's around the time that the word bastard even came into existence, okay. But look if you would at Hebrews Chapter 12, Verse 6. It says, "For whom the Lord loveth, he chasteneth and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth. If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not? But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons."

What is God saying here? He's saying that if you're someone who is claiming the name of Christ, and you can go out and live a life of sin, and not be punished for it, no consequences, basically you're sinning and prospering. Everything's going well for you and you're not receiving any discipline or any judgment in this life, he's saying you must not even be saved, because of the fact that "whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth." Now, some people will say, "Oh, if you're living a life of sin you're not saved," but that's not true because Christians go into sin, Christians do backslide. Christians do fall into sin and get away from the Lord, but the difference is that Christians are chastised for it. Christians who get away from the Lord, Christians who get out of church and go out and start living a life of sin are going to be punished for it.

He says, this is a thing of self-examination. "If you are without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards and not sons." In that sense, what does he mean by being a bastard? Who you think your father is, or who is being purported as your father or would have been your father is not really your father, because if you're claiming the name of Christ, you're claiming that the Lord is your father. You're claiming to be a child of God. But yet he says if you're without chastisement, he must be not be your father, because he chastises every son, so therefore you would be bastards and not sons. If we were to use Hebrews 12 as our dictionary, it would be the one who basically, the one who is raising them as their father, or the one that they're living with as their father is not the real father, that would be the definition of a bastard.

Now, a lot of people would give a lot of definitions of this. An illegitimate child, a child conceived out of wedlock, a woman that would basically fornicate with one and then basically marry another one and then basically pass it off as the real son and really it's the bastard son, or the father who would basically commit adultery and have a child out of wedlock with another woman. The woman has a child with another man. Some people will just apply it to people who just in fornication conceive a child. Biblically though, if we want to just take a real strict biblical definition, using Hebrews 12 as our only guideline, we would say that this is one where the father that appears to be the father or the one that the woman is living with, is not the real father.

It says God is not the real father of people claiming the name of Christ and aren't being chastised. That's what he's saying here. You say, "Well, then how dare you call Barack Obama a bastard?" But he is a bastard. Now, let's first of all look at the physical bastardness of Barack Obama, then we'll get into his spiritual bastardidity. I'm just making up words tonight. But anyway, first of all, let me give you first of all the official version and then I'll give you what probably really happened, okay? Let's start with the official version of how the bastard Barry Soetoro, Barack Obama, was brought into this world. In the fall of 1960, his mother, Stanley ... I don't know who names their daughter Stanley, but his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, met Barack Obama Senior ... Because he's Barack Obama Junior. Met Barack Obama Senior in a Russian language class in Hawaii.

In February of 1961, so they met in the fall of 1960 ... In February of 1961, they got married, February 2nd. She's already 3 months pregnant. Basically she just meets this guy, this is the official version now. She supposedly just barely meets this guy, barely even in school. Freshman year, barely a freshman and she's already conceiving a child with Barack Obama Senior, who she then married on the 2nd of February, 1961. Here's what she didn't know. He was already married to another woman, not divorced. He was just married to another woman, which is not legal in the United States, which is not recognized as a legitimate marriage in the United States. When a man's married to one woman and then marries a different woman, and by the way, he didn't tell her, "Oh, by the way, I'm already married. I have another wife." He didn't even say that.

Basically, they're married in February, but by that fall, by the time fall rolls around, they're already separated and they would eventually get divorced, but I mean, this marital relationship lasts, where they're living together actually married, for basically it sounds like less than 6 months, basically she's with this guy after they get married. Which wasn't even really a legitimate marriage because he was already married to someone else and that's against the law. By the fall she's already separated from him and she moves to Seattle, Washington and she's living there and then eventually she gets divorced in 1964, officially, even though they'd already been separated since 3 years before. She gets divorced so that in 1965, she marries Lolo Soetoro, all right. That's a cool name. Lolo Soetoro.

In 1967, she moves to Indonesia with little 6 year old Barry, who at that time went by Barry Soetoro, little 6 year old Barry Soetoro, to be with her husband Lolo, okay, in Indonesia. Barry goes to Catholic school for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade. Partway through 3rd grade, he's pulled out and put in the Indonesian public school system for 3rd and 4th grade. By the time he's in 5th grade, basically his mom takes him back to Hawaii and drops him off in Hawaii with her parents. When he's 10 years old, he goes to live with his grandparents basically. His mom spends the rest of her next few decades mainly in Indonesia, while he's basically living his teenage years in Hawaii with his grandparents raising him. She was there for like 3 years or something during that time, but most of the time she spent back in Indonesia while Barry is being raised by his grandparents. Then she's married to Lolo all the way until she divorces him in 1980. That's the official version.

But even according to the official version, little Barry boy is a bastard because of the fact that ... First of all, he's conceived out of wedlock. His mother has an illegitimate marriage to a guy who's already married to somebody else that basically involves them actually being together for less than even 6 months anyway and then he's actually raised by a guy named Lolo Soetoro. That's who is actually raising him and he's going around as Barry Soetoro, basically the bastard son of the family. This is not a legitimate child. Now that's the official version. Okay? Here's the alternate version, which I actually believe to be reality. I do not even believe that Barack Obama Senior is probably even the real father here, because a lot of times women will do this, wicked women will do this, where they would basically, "Oh, I'm pregnant. Quick, marry somebody," and basically pass it off as, okay? Especially back in those days. Now here's the very strange thing about this story. In Barack Obama's autobiography, Dreams From My Father, okay, in this book, 22 times he makes mention of a guy named Frank.

Audience Member: Frank Davis.

Pastor Anderson: But he never ... Exactly. You just know that because your name's Davis. No relation though. I can tell by looking at you. Because Frank Marshall Davis is black, but anyway, of course we're all related though, if we go back far enough. But he references this guy in the biography 22 times by the name of Frank. Not to mention all the "he," "his," "him," but the name Frank, by name, he brings up this important figure in his life about how his grandfather, because remember his grandma and grandpa are the ones raising him ... How his grandpa would take him over to Frank's house multiple times a week and how it was important to his mom that he would be taken to go and see Frank a couple times a week. He's taken over a couple of times a week to this guy Frank's house. Funny thing, why does Obama never give the guy's full name? This important character he's mentioned 22 times. It says, "Oh, Frank." It even mentions that the guy was famous. "Oh, he was kind of a famous guy. His name was Frank." Whatever.

He doesn't tell you the full name for some strange reason, which the full name later was found out to be and admitted to be Frank Marshall Davis is who this is, who was a guy who had authored a bunch of books and done all kinds of things. We're going to get into that in a moment. This guy, Frank Marshall Davis, okay, was literally a card carrying member of the Communist party. He was literally a Communist. He literally had the card in his wallet and everything. Not only that, but he was a pornographer. He wrote pornographic books, he published pornographic pictures and he wrote other types of things and so forth, and here's the fact of the matter. Obama's mother posed for nude photos for Frank Marshall Davis. There are pictures of Obama's sweet mother in pornography, and these pictures have been out for years, but that's right, you'll never hear this in the mainstream media. It's like it just doesn't exist, that his mother was a literal whore.

When you're living in some pornographer dude's house and posing for a bunch of weird pictures and posing in all kinds ... You're a prostitute. Look, pornography actors are whores. Okay? His mother was literally a whore in the house of Frank Marshall Davis. Look, the photos are there and don't look at them, for crying out loud, but I'm telling you. You say, "Oh, I think it's just a hoax." Here's the thing. It's never been covered by any mainstream media. Let me tell you, it was covered on a lot of Conservative websites and stuff like that, but here's the thing about it, though. It's never been debunked. You know the website that debunks everything, Snopes? They had a page on it. They had a page about these pictures and it said, whether it's true or false, it said undetermined, right? Undetermined. Then the page just disappeared and there's no page for it anymore.

Everything that you'll find on Snopes about Obama is all just defending Obama, pro-Obama, so isn't it funny how they eradicated the one about all the pictures of his mom that came out and then they even ... There's a website called the Wayback Machine, where you can look at how a website used to look. Has anybody ever used that? Where if something's deleted, you can go back and get it. By the way, anything that's on the internet, it never fully goes away. I mean, it's always there somewhere. But they literally, on the Wayback Machine, actually registered that page as a page that could not be ... They basically had it removed from Wayback Machine. They even went so far to have it totally expunged.

You'll find all kinds of articles and saying, "Oh, well, we don't really know if it's real," but you know what? It is real. It's a fact, and the fact is that you could say, "Oh, well, how could this be real?" But he's talking about the guy in the book. The guy's a pornographer. He's talking about the guy in the book 22 times. "Oh, Frank, Frank. Frank this, Frank that." Then all of a sudden these pictures come out of his mom at Frank's house. "Oh, I think it's somebody different." No, it's her, okay? Give me a break. The evidence is undeniable, and not only that, but in 2005 ... Because in 1995 is when Obama's book came out. In 2005 he came out with an audio version of the book when he was thinking about running for President, you know, he wants to put out the audio book and get it out to a mass audience, and every mention of Frank is eradicated from the book.

I went online and looked at the text version of Dreams From My Father and I had read part of it in a bookstore before. I didn't buy it, but I read it in the bookstore, part of it. But I searched ... I just did Control F and just searched Dreams From My Father. Frank and sure enough, and I read up on the 22 mentions, Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank. This guy is mentoring him. This is who he's being taken to see every ... Few times a week and this guy is a card carrying Communist, a pornographer, a wicked man by every definition and what are they trying to hide about the guy's name? Trying to not show you the fact that it's Frank Marshall Davis, taking out the name Frank, and why is he even being taken there so many times per week? Why is his mom posing in indecent photos at the guy's house?

If you look at a picture of him and Obama, guess what? They look like they're related more-so than the fake dad of Barack Obama Senior, who doesn't really look like Obama. Then you look at Frank Marshall Davis and it looks a lot like Obama. What I'm saying is that there's a big chance that the actual father of Barack Obama could be Frank Marshall Davis, the famous Communist pornographer. Not only that but we know that the birth certificate is a fraud because it's been proven to be a fraud. Every expert has looked at it and said, "Look, it's photoshopped, it's fake, it's not real." There's so many questions surrounding the legitimacy of this child. I mean, to call him a bastard is generous if you actually look at the evidence, and it doesn't matter whether you believe the official version or whether you think, "Hey, Frank Marshall Davis is actually the father."

Either way, he's not within marriage. He's not being raised by his parents in a marriage. He's not a child that's conceived and born in wedlock to parents that are married to each other, no matter how you look at it, so he is a bastard. You say, "Well, why does that matter? Why bring that up? Who cares what his mom ... Don't chastise him for what his mom and dad did. Who cares if they're Communists?" Well, it's like why are you taking a Russian class during the Cold War with the Soviet Union in Hawaii? You're taking Russian, when you're hanging around with Communists, when you're living at a Communist's house. You think that's a coincidence? Was that just the coolest thing? You're from Hawaii, brother Fairchild, was that just the coolest thing in Hawaii, just learn Russian? I mean, you're just like, "Hey, Dosvedanya, aloha!" No.

Look, here's the thing. There's nothing wrong with learning Russian. Russian's a great language if you want to learn Russian, but it's just kind of weird that these people are avowed Communists and they're learning Russian in the 60s in America for no reason. And isn't funny that our President now is a total Communist? That's a coincidence, too, right? That he's this leftist, radical Communist in the White House. Either way he's a bastard. No matter what you believe, his mom's a total whore and a harlot and trash and promiscuous and the filthiness of her fornication et cetera, et cetera. Now, why does we care? What does it matter? Why even bring it up, Pastor Anderson? Why does it matter who his mom and dad are? That shouldn't even matter today. Because he's telling you how you're supposed to raise your kids. He's telling you what a righteous mother looks like.

It just doesn't make any sense, my friend, for him to sit there and say, "Well, here's the choice we want mothers to make." Then he turns around and says, "Oh, my mother has been the greatest mother. She's been the greatest influence on my life." She wasn't even there. She's dropping him off in a different country while she's fooling around in Indonesia, while she's running banks and other seedy ... I don't know what's worse, the banking or the pornography that she was involved in. But she's involved in the banking and the pornography and she's not even there raising him. She's going from one guy to the next. Look, we can't even figure out the paternity because she was with so many different men! We don't even know. We don't know who it was.

You say, "Well you can't prove that it was Frank ..." Well, we can all go to Walgreens and get a DNA test and settle it today if Obama would submit to it. Right? Don't they sell it at Walgreens for a hundred bucks. The point is, though, we can't figure it out because she was such a whore. No matter how you slice it. I should have had the whiteboard set up and I could diagram for you that he's a bastard. The point is that either way, for him to sit there and tell us that women should not stay home and raise their kids in America in 2014 is a shame and a disgrace to our nation. What gives him the right to stand up and say, "Oh, that's a choice that we don't want Americans to make. We don't want women staying home with their kids. We want 6 million in daycare by the end of this year." What a bunch of garbage today.

In the bible, that's not what's taught. Now, if you would, turn to First Timothy, Chapter 5. There's so many places that we could turn here to teach you what a godly woman looks like. First Timothy, Chapter 5, but here's what the bible actually teaches is the way that the world is supposed to work according to God's economy. Look, I understand that people get themselves into different situations and people make mistakes, and I'm not trying to say that everybody's life is going to be perfect, but look, the ideal, according to the bible, what God sets up as the standard and the ideal, whether it always works out this way or not, is that the man is the provider and that the wife is the keeper at home and raises the children and cares for the ... That's in a perfect world. That's the way it's supposed to be. That's what the bible teaches.

Is anybody listening tonight? That's what the bible says. Now look at First Timothy, Chapter 5. It says in Verse 8, "But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel." You know, it's our job as men to provide for our own houses. In the bible it teaches, even in the Old Testament, that the man's job is to provide his wife with food, clothing and a physical relationship. Those are the 3 things that he must do for his wife according to the bible by law. That's what the bible taught back in the book of Exodus. Food, clothing and to have a physical relationship with her is the responsibilities that he legally had to perform, and so it's the man's job to pay the bills. It's the man's job to go to work and pay. Look, it's a great privilege and it's a great honor to be a stay-at-home mom, or a stay-at-home wife, and you should never be ashamed of that.

Audience Member: Amen. That's right.

Pastor Anderson: "Oh, well, I'm unemployed." You're not unemployed. I guarantee you my wife works more hours than if she had a job down at the bank or anywhere else. She works hard. She has 8 children to care for every day. She's busy. That's a full-time job, and you know what? It's a labor of love. It's an important job. It's way more important than any job she could have out in the world. I don't care what she's doing. I don't care if she's a lawyer or a CEO or a doctor. She's all of the above in our house. She's mediating disputes all day long, more than any lawyer. She's mediated more disputes than any lawyer. She's doing triage for all kinds of scrapes and cuts and bruises and bumps on the head, as would a doctor. She's my secretary. She's doing all kinds ... She's a banker, with all the kids' allowances and everything. I mean, she's doing it all, and you know what? It's a great job. It's an important job. It's an honor.

The bible talks about how the husband should praise his virtuous wife, and basically give honor unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and so let's not get sucked in to bastard Barry's philosophy that tells us, "Oh, it's so much better to just go to work and make more money," because he says, "If you stay home with your kids, you won't make as much money when you go back to work." Well, guess what? You're not going to need as much money when you go back to work. If you chose to go back to work, you wouldn't even need to make a bunch of money because hopefully your husband's already paying the bills anyway. By the way, it's even been proven that single-income homes where the husband works and the wife stays home, on average, end up with more money than the people where they both work, because a lot of times one good job is better than 2 jobs that aren't as good.

Not only that, but a man who is working and his wife is working, he's not always able to give 100% to his job because of the fact that the kids get sick all the time from being in daycare and all the thick, green, streaming snot at daycare. They get sick all the time and then what happens? The wife runs out of sick days. Then he has to start staying home and then they're both staying home. Plus, it's so much more expensive when both people work that you have to ask yourself, "Is the additional income even worth it?" When you stop and figure in that now you got to have 2 cars. Now she's got to have all her business clothes and she's got to have basically a lot of food that's eaten out because of the fact that there's no one there to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You have to do a lot of eating out. You end up eating a lot of ready prepared meals and not cooking. Then you're paying for some kind of a daycare or child care provider.

Then you're in a new tax bracket. Married, filing jointly, two incomes, and so now you're paying more taxes, you're paying for that extra vehicle, you're paying the gas, you're paying the insurance, you're eating out, you're buying your clothes brand new because you don't have time to go to the thrift store. I mean, look, my whole family ... I'm not ashamed to say it. All our clothes are from the thrift store. This suit is from the thrift store. This tie is from the thrift store. Now my shoes are special shoes that I bought online at full price, all right? But these are really special shoes, all right? But other than that, the retail value of this showcase is like $25. I'm not trying to be ... Going around in flashy, expensive clothes. Our clothes are from the thrift store. They're good, nice, durable clothes, because we had the time to go look for it.

Because we're not in this rat race of my wife and I both ... It destroys the marriage, too. You know, a couple reasons why. Because we both get home from work, right? Okay, who's going to cook dinner? Now the husband has to start doing a bunch of woman chores around the house because it's only right because they're both working. They both have to do that. Then everybody's frazzled, everybody's busy, they don't ... A lot of times the husband and wife are working opposing shifts, not even seeing each other. There's all kinds of strife. Not only that, but putting women in the workforce has increased adultery because now a lot of the times, your wife will be hanging around with some other guy all day. She comes home to her husband and they don't get along, but Bob at the office, you know, he really understands. Some dude with a lavender tie and he will sit and really listen to her and next thing you know they're having lunch together and complaining about their spouses to each other. Next thing you know they're committing adultery.

Okay, you think I'm making this up? It's a reality today. Adultery runs rampant. Children, who basically see their parents for an hour or 2 before bed, because all day long they're in the government brainwashing institution. This is not God's will. These are not the things that the scripture teaches us. The bible is clear. The husband should provide. The mother should be at home as the primary caregiver raising the children. The child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame. Barack Obama is way off base here with his comments to sit there and tell ... He doesn't know what a normal family looks like. How can he tell us what our families should look like? He doesn't know. You say, "Well, he's got a normal family now." Yeah, when he's not calling his wife Michelle Michael it looks pretty normal. When he's not calling her Michael.

Look, his whole family right now is a fa├žade. His wife sat there and planted ... Look, you say, "Preach the bible." Okay, how about this bible? That we should put away lying and deceit. Okay. What about when his wife took a bunch of vegetables that she bought at the grocery store, planted them in her garden, and pretended to be harvesting them for a photo op, pretended to be pulling ... She's like, "Oh, that's my vegetable garden," and she's harvesting the crops. Turned out those were bought at the store. She put dirt on them and posed with them like, "I grew these." Then she lies and says, "Oh, you know sometimes I get home from a busy day at work and just have to whip something up real quick for the kids," whatever they ... Malia and Sasha, is that their names? What about your 17 servants, Michelle Antoinette? That are caring for you. It's all lies. He doesn't know what a normal family looks like.

He doesn't know what normal people go through because he's never worked a normal job in his life from what I can tell. He's just going from one Communist excursion to this government subsidized, to this community organizer, whatever. You say, "Well, don't attack him because he's just a puppet anyway." He's a puppet of Satan. They all are. So what? That isn't right. I'll attack him for being a puppet of Satan. You know, Barack Obama, the marionette, puppet of Satan, bastard son of Frank Marshall Davis or Barack Obama Senior, or whoever. You say, "Oh, you're racist because you're preaching against Obama." Shut up. I don't even have time to talk about that. That's such a ridiculous thing to say. It has nothing to do with that. He's white anyway. Don't tell me he's black. He's half white and half black. If you're going to say he's black, well I say he's white. I'm just as right as you are.

Audience Member: Right.

Pastor Anderson: Because his mother is white as snow. I mean she is white. She's like German, Scottish, English, white as snow. I believe that Obama is white. You say, "Oh, the first black President." Well, we're still waiting for the first black President because he's white. Bill Clinton was as black as he is. It's just ... You just sit there, "Oh, you know, black, white." I thought we were past that in America anyway.

Audience Member: Yeah.

Pastor Anderson: Aren't we past that? Does anybody really care? I mean, look around the auditorium tonight. We've got red and yellow, black and white in the auditorium now and nobody cares what color anybody is in this auditorium. That's just something that people use to try to hide behind in order to not allow any criticism of this wicked, apostate devil, Barack Hussein Obama. Let me tell you why he's spiritually bastard in the closing moments of the sermon here. We've shown that he's physically bastard, okay. But he's also spiritually because the bible is saying that if you are claiming the name of Christ and you're not truly saved, then you're bastards and not sons. He is not a child of God tonight.

Audience Member: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: He does not believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior. Even though he claims to be Christian, he mocks the bible. He mocks Leviticus. He mocked Deuteronomy. He even mocked the Sermon on the Mount. The Sermon on the Mount, the most famous scripture in the entire bible, maybe right up there with Psalm 23 and he made fun of the Sermon on the Mount and said it was extremist. You know, when the government's warning you about dangerous extremists, just remember, they're talking about the Sermon on the Mount. They're talking about Matthew 5 through 7, because he said, "This extreme, radical passage from the bible, the Sermon on the Mount."

Christians don't blaspheme the word of God like that and make fun of it and so on and so forth. You know as well as I do, he doesn't believe the bible, he doesn't believe in creation. He doesn't believe that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. He does not confess these things. The church that he goes to, United Church of Christ, is a church that's filled with Sodomites and freaks and perverts. I mean, they have Sodomites as pastors. Who was it ... Did somebody just tell me? Who was that? Trent. Give your testimony, Trent.

Trent: Well, at the corner by my house there's one of these United Methodist churches, and on their sign out front it's advertising the church and there's a little banner above it that says, "We stand on the side of love," with two men.

Pastor Anderson: Yeah, so last time you told that story it wasn't United Methodist, it was United Church of Christ.

Trent: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Pastor Anderson: Yeah, it was United Church of Christ, sorry. Get that story straight. But here's the thing, United Methodists do the same thing in Tempe. The United Methodist church in Tempe had a similar sign up, but the United Church of Christ up on the north side where Trent is had a sign up, 2 men basically representing that basically, hey, these are 2 men that are doing that which is unseemly and they say, "We stand on the side of love." Two men and a sodomy symbol and that's the denomination where Obama goes to church, United Church of Christ. Okay. Remember his pastor, Jeremiah Wright and all that, wearing a dress and preaching a bunch of weird things. That's what we're talking about here as his Christianity, and people tell me all the time, "Oh, don't criticize your brother in Christ."

He's not my brother in Christ. He's not my brother from another mother. He's my brother from another father because his father is the devil and my father is Jesus. My father is Jesus and he is not of the Lord Jesus Christ. He's of his father, the devil. That's why the works of his father he will do. The devil is a liar and the devil is a murderer, and Obama's both. This should show you the fact that he's a bastard from up one side down the other, body, soul and spirit, he's bastard tonight. Let's bow our heads and have a word of prayer. Father, we thank you so much for your word, Lord, and I thank you for my virtuous wife that you've given me, that I can safely trust in her as the bible says in Proverbs 31. I can safely trust in her to raise the children and to guide the house and to rule the home while I'm gone, Lord.

Thank you for giving her that important job and all ladies who do that important job, Lord. Lord, those ladies that are not in that position, Lord, I pray that you would just work in their lives and bless them and help them to get in a better place, Lord. But honestly, Lord help us never to be influenced by this worldly wisdom, this foolishness of saying we don't want women to stay home and raise the kids. No, Lord, help us have more women staying home and raising the kids in this generation, especially amongst our church and other Baptist churches, Lord, and in Jesus' name we pray. Amen. All right, let's sing a song before we go. All right, did we break the record? How many?

Audience Member: 102.

Pastor Anderson: Wow, 102 people, so every time we break our attendance record ... Our morning attendance record's 141, but our evening attendance was what? What was our old record?

Audience Member: 98.

Pastor Anderson: 98, and tonight we have 102 people, so we're going to have ice cream after the service and we also have hot spiced apple cider in honor of breaking the attendance. If our friends from Las Vegas did not be here, we wouldn't have broken it, because we wouldn't have had 98, so all right. Give them a hand. You pushed us over the edge.