"Resist the Devil!" KJV Bible Baptist Preaching (independent, fundamental)


May 4, 2015

Now, the verse that I want to focus on there in James chapter 4 is verse number 7, where the Bible reads "Submit yourselves therefore to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you." The title of my sermon tonight is Resist the Devil. "Resist the devil and he will flee from you," the Bible tells us. Go to 2 Corinthians chapter number 10. See, there is a great spiritual battle going on in this world and our adversary the devil walketh about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. The devil works through deception.

The Bible says in Revelation 12:9, "And the great dragon was cast out. That old serpent called the devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world. He was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him." Notice it doesn't say that he tries to deceive the whole world, or that his goal would be to ... no. It just says that he deceives the whole world. He succeeds at deceiving the whole world. The Bible says, "The god of this world," referring to the devil. "The god of this world," the lower case g, god of this world, "has blinded the minds of them that believe not. In this spiritual battle our adversary is the devil. His weapon is deception."

Congregation: Amen. That's right.

Pastor Anderson: Now look what the Bible says in 2 Corinthians chapter 10 about spiritual warfare. It says in verse number 3, "For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal." Carnal means simply physical or fleshly. He says, "Our weapons are not physical weapons." He's saying, "But mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds," verse 5, "casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bring into captivity every thought to be obedience of Christ." Notice the wording of this scripture. Imagination, knowledge, thought. This is a battle that's going on in the mind. The devil wants to deceive you. He wants to get into your mind and get you to think in ways that are wrong.

He wants us, God wants us to take captive every thought and basically take our thoughts back, and make sure that we renew our mind according to the scripture, and not according to the prince of the power of the air, the children that ... the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience. We have to take back our thought life. We have to cast down these imaginations and all these things that exalt themself against the knowledge of God. All this false knowledge, all these lies, all this deception that's coming at us from the devil, we need to resist the devil. Go to Ephesians chapter number 6 while we're looking at these scriptures on the devil and on spiritual warfare. Deception is the tool that he uses. What is the answer to deception? Well, it's the truth, knowing the truth. The Bible says, "You should know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

The Bible says, "Sanctify them through thy truth. Thy word is truth." If we go through our lives just letting the world dictate what we think and believe, and we have a constant stream of information coming through whether it's TV, movies, Madison Avenue, just worldly, sinful sources coming at us all the time, we are going to be deceived by the devil. It's going to affect us. No matter how smart you think you are, you will be affected by it. The antidote is the truth right here. You know, you've got to unplug from some of this stuff that's coming into your mind and just get into the word of God and renew your mind. This is like a reality check right here. You live in the fantasy land that the devil creates for you out there. No, you need a reality check. Get your feet back, firmly planted on the ground with the truth of God's word here. Otherwise, you'll start thinking along some really wicked lines. Then, the devil has an agenda to guide your mind in the wrong direction.

Look at Ephesians chapter 6, verse 10. "Finally my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might, put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil." What is wile? What does it mean by wiles? You remember Wile E. Coyote? Being wily or the wiles those are the tricks, the schemes, the deception. Again, he's not going to just come right out in the open and say, "Hey. This is what I'm offering you. Here's all the sin and wicked." No. He's going to trick you. He's going to fool you. He's going to deceive you. He is very cunning. He's very subtle, the Bible tells us. If we're going to be able to withstand the wiles of the devil, we must be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might and put on the whole armor of God, or we will be susceptible to the deceptions that the devil has. That's what the Bible is saying. Now, is he's saying, "Hey, if you're saved, your guaranteed not to fall into any of the devil's wiles or traps"?

Congregation: No.

Pastor Anderson: No. He doesn't say that at all. He said, "No. You have to be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armor of God." He says, "For we wrestle not," verse 12, "against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." You have to understand this in light of 2 Corinthians 10 that we already read where he said, "Hey, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal. They're spiritual casting down imaginations. Bring every thought into captivity and obedience of Christ." You have to understand this is a struggle to control your mind and your thoughts. He wants to get into your head and deceive you and fool you. The Bible says that, "The rulers of the darkness of this world are the enemy."

Look, that tells me that there is an organized agenda, an organized plan to deceive you and to get into your mind and to deceive you into not believing what this book says, but believing what the devil wants you to believe. It's organized because if it weren't organized there wouldn't be rulers. If it were just, "It's just bad people doing bad things ... " No. It is an agenda with the devil at the top, and then there are multiple rulers under him. They're known as the rulers of the darkness of this world. The Bible says that, "If we are not strong in the Lord and standing firm and putting on the whole armor of God, we will be duped." We will be fooled. The Bible says, "Wherefore, take unto you the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand. Stand, therefore, having your loins girt about with truth." There it is right there. The truth is what we need tonight.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: He says, "Your loins girt about with truth and having on the breastplate of righteousness." What does he mean there? I believe that in that context when he talks about the breastplate of righteousness, he's talking about right living. Living right. Living a righteousness life. Nobody's perfect in the sense that there's none righteous ... no, not one, but God does expect us to live right. He wants us to serve him and obey him. The Bible says, "If you love me, keep my commandments." The Bible says, "And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace," talking about soul winning, going out there with your feet. Going to the lost and preaching the gospel to every creature. He says in verse 16, "Above all, taking the shield of faith wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked."

The devil is coming at you with all these fiery darts, these deceptions. Your defense above all is the shield of faith because faith means believing. Basically, you have the truth and you believe it. No matter what the devil tells you, you know that this book is true. If he tells you that which is contrary to this book, your faith tells you, you know what? I don't care how many people are saying this. I don't care how many times they repeat this on the "hellevision". I don't care how many times the devil tries to cram this down my throat. I know it's a lie because I have the truth here and greater than that, I believe it.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: That's the shield of faith. "Wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit which is the Word of God." Notice, the emphasis on the truth, faith in the truth, and then the sword of the Word of God. This is what it all comes back to in this spiritual battle. The Word of God is our weapon and the Word of God is also our defense. It's both. Go to Psalm 11. We think of these fiery darts of the wicked that are being thrown. "The shield of faith where wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked." There's Satan himself. Then, there are the rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places. What does that mean, spiritual wickedness in high places? Running things?

Congregation: Yeah.

Pastor Anderson: What do you think he means, running? If I said, "Hey, I have friends in high places," what am I referring to? People in the government, people who are running the television network, people that are running these major media organizations. The Bible says, "There's spiritual wickedness there."

Congregation: Yeah. Amen.

Pastor Anderson: It's amazing to me how Christians just sometimes overlook this fact. They just think that there's no organized plan of the devil. There's no conspiracy that's going on because it's just people are sinners. No. There is an organization. There are the rulers of the darkness. There is spiritual wickedness in high places. There is a plan. Look at Psalm 11 verse 1. "In the Lord put I my trust. How say ye to my soul, flee as a bird to your mountain? For, lo, the wicked bend their bow, they make ready their arrow upon the string that they may privily," privily means secretly, "privily shoot at the upright in heart."

Again, the devil and his minions are ready to shoot those fiery darts secretly, wilily, subtly, deceptively to shoot these fiery darts at you if you are upright or righteous. Then, the Bible says in verse 3, "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteousness do?" You have to put that into context here. What does these fiery darts entail? According to 2 Corinthians chapter 10, it had to do with thoughts and imagination and lies and deception. It's all in the mind. That's why he says here, "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" What foundations is he talking about? The foundations of what we believe in. The foundational truths of God's Word. If you take away those foundations, if you pull out that rug from under us, what do we have left? What can we do? The answer is nothing. If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Nothing.

We're doomed if we don't have that firm foundation, if we're not builded upon the rock where Jesus said, "Whosoever heareth these sayings of mind and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wiseman which built his house upon a rock." That's the foundation. If we don't have the foundation or if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? "The Lord is in his holy temple. The Lord's throne is in heaven. His eyes behold. His eyelids try the children of men. The Lord trieth the righteous, but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth. Upon the wicked, he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone and a horrible tempest. This shall be the portion of their cup. For the righteous Lord loveth righteousness, his countenance that behold the upright." I submit to you tonight that virtually everything that is coming across the television and that is coming across mainstream media networks today is a lie. Virtually all of it.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: There's so much lying and deception out there. If you don't understand that, it's just that you're naive. You just think that when things are reported in the news or reported on TV, you think that they're real. You think that they're true. It's all fake. It's made up or in the event that some of the things that you see on there are actually true or actually happened, they're being hand selected. Which things are reported on and which things are not reported on are being hand picked and hand selected in order to feed you a specific diet of information that has been planned at a higher level to get you to think in a certain way and to get you to think about certain things and not think about other things.

It is literal brainwashing. I mean that in the most literal. I'm not just exaggerating or being dramatic up here. I'm telling you that there is a plan to brainwash you and to train you to think in a certain way. The people who are running these things have studied psychology. They've studied how our brains work. They've studied what our desires and passions are and they are playing upon these different attributes of the human psyche in order to manipulate you and deceive you. The only way to withstand this is to shut it off and read this book instead.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: Oh! How am I going to keep up with every twist and turn of everything that's going on in the world? It just doesn't matter. This is what matters.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: If the whole world's falling apart, I'm sure somebody will tell you about it, but to sit there and just monitor everything that's happening in the news and just monitor everything that the world is doing, listen, you are falling into the trap and the design to control your mind. Now, I don't follow it. I don't read the news. I don't follow any of it anymore. I'm sick of it. I like this.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: You know what? I'm telling you, when I do catch little bits and pieces of what's going on in this world and see little things in the news and everything, it just boggles my mind that anybody can even believe that the news is actually reporting legitimately. How can anyone believe? I think it's just that when you watch it every day, you're so used to being deceived that you just are used to the weird stories and the things that don't make sense that it just ... yeah. Whereas, someone like me who doesn't really watch it all and then all of a sudden you catch a little bit of what's going on in the news, it's so easy to tell that it's all just fake and it's all staged. I'm telling you, the stuff that makes it on to the news it's just certain things that are handpicked that fits the narrative and fits the agenda that they want to present. Other things are concealed. Did I have you turn to 1 John chapter 4? Turn to 1 John chapter number 4. I'll just give you an example.

One thing that's been in the news a lot lately ... I heard this story a couple weeks ago and I just can't believe that people actually take this stuff seriously. It's like I'm living in the twilight zone or something. Folks, if you're plugged into this network of information, you need to reboot that thing and you need to refresh and get on the Word of God. Honestly, you need a reality check because the stuff that is being talked about out there, even by Christians, is so weird and so bizarre that I don't understand how anybody can believe in it. People call me and saying, "You know what? This world is going crazy." Let me tell you something. God said that there would be a day when they would call good evil and evil good, but not only that, you'd expect the devil to do that, wouldn't you? He said, "No, no. They'll tell you that sweet is bitter, and bitter is sweet."

It's just everything is turned upside down. It's not even just right and wrong that are ... it's just everything is topsy-turvy and backwards. One thing that I heard in the news I just couldn't even believe this, but there was some law in Indiana that was passed. It was some kind of a Freedom of Religion Protection Act. It was supposedly something about giving people the right to refuse service on to homos or something when they're trying to get married and do their thing. It's always the cake that they're trying to get decorated. Right? This law is passed in Indiana and then all the Christians say, "Hey, that's a great victory." Then, the governor comes out the same week and says, "Oh, we don't want anybody to misunderstand the law because we don't want anyone to think that this is saying that they don't have to serve homos because they do." Then what is the law? What was it even for then?

"We just don't want to make sure [inaudible 00:17:56]." Then, some pizza place comes out, Memories Pizza, and says, "Were not going to be catering any gay weddings." They're like, "We'll serve all kinds of homo customers who come to our restaurant, but we're not going to cater none of them queer weddings." Who in the world gets their wedding catered from a cheap pizza place?! Can you explain that to me?! Then, all the sodomites of the world are just raging and infuriated at this pizza place. There's this huge, big stink and then they had to shut down. They didn't have to. The weakling, cowards that they always are, they shut down the pizza place and it was a big stink. Then, they raised a bunch of money online, blah, blah. It's so stupid. Look, no one caters their wedding at some cheap hole in the wall pizza restaurant. That's ridiculous! "We're not going to cater. We'll serve queers that come in here, but we're not going to cater a gay ... " It's like what are you talking about?

I'm thinking to myself, who are these perverts who ordered a pizza for the wedding? Who has ever been to a wedding where it's like, "Hey, let's order the cheapest pizza around. Let's cater the wedding like that." Please, don't raise your hand. Please, no one raise your hand. Then, here's the thing. These people are doubly perverted because not only are you perverting nature by being a sodomite, you're catering your wedding with cheap pizza. It's stupid because guess what? Nobody even asked them to cater the wedding with cheap, stupid pizza. "We're not going to cater," and then they backed down. They always back down. All it is it's just a brainwashing. It's just to brainwash you, my friend. The other big one that was in the ... it was huge. It was everywhere in the news. That's how I even heard about it because I don't even watch the news and I heard about it repeatedly.

Who heard about this thing, the pizza? Yeah, I see all the hands are going up. Everybody heard about this bizarre thing. Then, yesterday I see this video. It was like a five minute video about this Sweet Cakes by Melissa up in Oregon. Who heard about this one? Look at all hands all over the building. God bless you. I see that hand. Sweet Cakes by Melissa, okay? This girl is literally crying on TV and saying, "I didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings and I wasn't trying to hurt these sodomites' feelings. I'm not that kind of person. I don't want to hurt anybody, but I just couldn't cater this particular event. I've made so many cupcakes for them in the past. I'm more than happy to serve them. This is just how I've chosen to live my life as a Christian. I'm just following my faith, but I didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings. I just can't cater this gay wedding." Then, they're just like, "You're fined $150,000." She was fined a 150.

They're garnishing the guy's wages out of his paycheck. He's working now as a garbage man. He's making half what he made at the bakery. His wages are being garnished. The state of Oregon is fining them $150,000 because they would not bake the cake for the sodomite wedding. Okay? It's just like all the Christians are rallying, but you know what? This might surprise you. I thought about this before I say it. You know what? I don't feel sorry for her at all. You know what? He deserves to be working as a garbage man and he deserves to have his wages garnished and she deserves to lose her bakery shop because you know what? They are compromising and they're not standing for the Word of God and they are tools of the media to brainwash you! They are just tools of the media to brainwash you and to lie to you and to deceive you! Same thing with this stupid pizza place. They're just volunteers that we're not going to cater weddings that no one had asked them to cater. This Sweet Cakes for Melissa, "Oh, yeah. We love serving queers." We don't serve queers at this church.

Congregation: Amen. Right.

Pastor Anderson: I don't own a bakery, but I'm fittin to open one. I'm going to open a bakery! If they walk in, I'm not just going to say, "Oh, I don't hurt their feelings." What does the Bible say, my friend? You've been deceived tonight! You've been lied to! You don't even know what the Bible says anymore because you're watching TV and you've been brainwashed! The media has been brainwashing you week after week and month after month and day after day to get you thinking it's all about gay marriage, gay marriage, gay marriage, gay marriage. Don't let them bake the cake. Don't bake the cake. Don't bake the cake. Yeah. If they come, I can serve them. Yeah. I don't want to hurt their feelings. Yeah. I love them. Yeah. Don't bake the cake. Yeah, but just not the marriage. Just don't let them get married. No. Care if they get married? That's not what the Bible says.

The Bible does not say don't hurt their feelings. The Bible calls them beasts. Turn in your Bible tonight to 2 Peter chapter 2. I'm sick of it. While you're turning to 2 Peter 2, I'm going to read for you what you were on in 1 John chapter 4. It says, "Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world." Why are we afraid of these people? "Greater is he that is in us than he that's in the world." Why do we cower in fear and we're so scared of them? "Oh, no. I better be careful. This is a really hard decision." No, it's not a hard decision, Melissa! Why don't you get out of that stupid, liberal church you're in and get [inaudible 00:23:57] Bible believing King James Baptist Church and it wouldn't be a hard decision!

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: Who thinks it's a hard decision if some faggot wants you to make them a wedding cake?

Congregation: No.

Pastor Anderson: Anybody struggling with that right now?

Congregation: No way.

Pastor Anderson: "You're being too hard on Melissa. At least Melissa is taking a stand." She's not taking a stand at all. It's weak. It's worthless. She is part of what is destroying America because you know what? Look, I can give you my cellphone tonight and I can show you where I have thousands of emails, just in the last month alone from all of these filthy, reprobate, homosexual haters of God, calling me every name under the sun describing how they want to kill me and my family, and all the horrible, disgusting, perverted things that they want to do and how much they hate my ever loving guts. Let me tell you something. I don't even bat an eye. It's water off a duck's back. It means nothing to me.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: I don't even frown. I don't even get a sad look on my face for a second. My heart doesn't even start beating. I don't even get angry. I don't even yell at my phone. I don't do any of it, but you know what? You know what makes me mad? Melissa and Memories Pizza. You know what makes me mad? Christians, so called, who will not stand on the Word of God and who kowtow and bow down to these filthy perverts. You know what? When I get an email from some Christian telling me how I need to back down and stop preaching against the homos and we need to love these people and open our arms to them, that's what makes me start yelling at my phone. Do you want to see me yell at my phone? Show me one of those emails. That's what makes me upset because you know what? That is what's destroying America.

The Bible says, "If my people which are called by my name will pray and humble themselves and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." Look, when I get thousands of emails from homos saying perverted, filthy things that's just the homos being the homos. Why would I expect them to act like anything other than an animal? Why in the world are God's people repeating the same junk?! They've been brainwashed. You say, "You're going to lose people if you preach like this." Good, it's the truth. At least people will know that there's been a prophet among them.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: The things that I'm saying to you tonight are from the Bible and they sound like the Bible. They don't sound like these Christians on TV and that's brainwashing you my friend. You can say, "Well, she's fighting the battle in her own way." She's fighting nothing. She's a tool of the devil. She stands up there and is the media's pawn and is the media's tool and they put her on TV and you know what? It doesn't matter whether these homos get married or not. It doesn't stinking matter, but you've been taught that that's the issue. Did you get that from the Bible?

Congregation: No.

Pastor Anderson: You've been taught that and taught that and told that and told that. What you're not noticing is when these people get on TV and say, "I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. It's okay. That's just not the way I'm going to live my life." That is not right. That is not the truth. You know what? Back when it was popular to preach against homosexuality, back when Jerry Falwell was actually against homosexuality before it became unpopular, you know what he said? I have the film back there, AIDS: The Judgement of God. He said, "AIDS is not the judgement of God on homos." He said, "It's the judgement of God on the society that tolerates homosexuality," because it spreads to everybody. Look, what does the Bible say? Don't get mad at me. What does the Bible say tonight? If you're mad at me and you think I'm crazy, then you're one of these people that's calling good, evil and evil, good and putting sweet for bitter and bitter for sweet. I'm crazy because I get up here and say it's filthy, disgusting and vile for a man to be intimate with another man.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: The Bible says, "It's a shame to even speak of those things which are done of them in secret." I will spare you even beginning to describe the sickness and the filth and the disgusting acts of these disgusting, vile, reprobate, filthy beasts. I'm not even going to talk about it. By the way, quit posting these pictures, these people that post pictures of transvestites on Facebook. Look, if you're a Christian, even if you're saying, "Oh, look how bad this is," don't even post that crap because I don't want to see it. I don't want to look at some ... "Oh, look. There's a TV show with a transvestite." I don't want to see that stupid picture because seeing a man dressed like a woman makes you want to throw up. I don't want to look at it. It's a shame to even speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

Then, you see a picture of these men and these freaks. Should not be once named among us. It's disgusting. What did the Bible say tonight? "Don't hurt anybody's feelings." Now, here's what the Bible says, 2 Peter chapter 2. It says in verse 6, "And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes, condemn them with an overthrow, making them an example unto those that after should live ungodly." You say, "Oh, that was back in the Old Testament. That was different back then." No, this is the New Testament. This is 2 Peter, and he says, "Sodom and Gomorrah was an example unto those that after the New Testament should live ungodly." The Bible says, "He delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked. For that righteous man dwelling among them and seeing and hearing vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds." Let me ask you something. Was Lot right or wrong to live in that city?

Congregation: Wrong.

Pastor Anderson: God said he was wrong, but he lived in there and he vexed his righteous soul from day to day, seeing and hearing their unlawful deeds. Why are you living in Sodom? I'm not saying by living in Phoenix you're living in Sodom. Oh, no. I don't feel like I live in Sodom because you know what? In my neighborhood, I don't see a bunch of sodomites and freaks in my neighborhood. Do you just go outside your door and just see sodomites and freaks everywhere you turn? No, but when you turn on TV it's like that. The news media is going to portray it to you like that. That's how Facebook will look even when Christians are posting this filth and showing you all this junk. Why are we vexing our righteous souls from day to day and seeing and hearing their unlawful deeds? Even looking at these movies and TV that are filled with these sodomite freaks. The Bible says, "It's filthy." What does the Bible say in verse 12? "But these as natural brute beasts." Look, I'm not making this up. When I get up here and say they're filthy, that's a direct quote from the Bible.

When I get up here and say that they're beasts or animals, that is a direct quote from the Bible. "These as brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not and shall utterly perish in their own corruption." Look, the Bible says ... flip over if you would to Romans 1. Romans chapter 1, the Bible says, "You're of God little children and have overcome them because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. They are of the world, therefore speak they of the world and the world heareth them. We are of God. He that knoweth God heareth us. He that is not of God, heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth and the spirit of error." Listen to me, I'm going to promise you something right now. I am preaching the Word of God right now and the power of the Spirit of God right now.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: Let me tell you something. If you don't hear this, I wonder are you of God? Everything I'm saying is right here and if you're, "Oh, you have a strong language." No, God used strong language. He said, "It's filthy." He said, "It's vile." He said that, "They are beasts made to be taken and destroyed." He said that, "They are worthy of death." He said that, "They are reprobate, that they are an abomination, that they are disgusting." Look, if you have a problem with this, it just makes me wonder what is wrong with you today? You know what? If you know that you're saved tonight and you're struggling with this subject and just, "Man. I don't know about this preaching." You know what? You need to do a serious reality check and you need to find me this Sweet Cakes by Melissa mentality in the Bible. I want to see it. I'd like to see it after the service. I'd like to see where Lot is supposed to open a stinking bakery in Sodom and have a bunch of filthy faggots coming through the doors of his bakery and he's making them cupcakes every day, but not a wedding cake. He'll make him cupcakes and smile and treat them good.

He doesn't want to hurt their feelings. That's not what the Bible says. It's wicked. It's disgusting. You know what? We need to resist the devil. What did he say over and over again in that passage about the spiritual warfare? He said, "That you may be able to stand in the evil day and having done all to stand. Stand therefore." He said three times, "Stand, stand, stand." Look, he's saying, "Don't give any ground." He didn't say slowly back away like from a scary dog. He said, "No. Stand your ground. Don't back down." Listen. Don't back down a single inch. You know why? If you back up an inch, the devil's not going to flee from you. It's like running away from a dog, my friend. It's that what they always say? "Hey, vicious dog, don't run away." You know what you do? You take a step toward them. You swing something at them. You don't go ... they can smell your fear. You know what the Bible calls sodomites? Dogs.

Look it up in the Bible. Somebody find that verse. Whose got a smartphone? Find me that verse where the sodomites are called dogs. Don't take my word for it. Smartphones are coming out all over the building. Love technology. Love it. Listen to me folks. "Greater is he that is in us than he that's in the world." Why should we give any ground? Why should we take a single step backwards, where there's nothing to fear but fear itself? "Fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul. Rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in the light. What I tell you in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops." I'm not afraid of these people because why? Is it because I'm so great? No, because greater is he that's in me, the Holy Ghost, than he that's in the world. You know what? They are of the world.

"Therefore, speak they of the world and the world heareth them. We are of God. He that knoweth God heareth us. He that is not of God, heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth and the spirit of error." When you see a bunch of people that just freak out at hard Bible preaching, but they just eat up all this stupid, quasi Christian junk and they just eat up the liberal Christianity of the world, they eat up the George W. Bushes of this world. "Hey, God bless you." "Oh, he said God!" They eat up all the watered down, Christians of the world that tell you, "Oh, don't worry. We love you and we want to be your friend and we're going to come over to your house for a barbecue, but we just don't condone your sin." No. That's not in the Bible. Show me chapter and verse on that. It's not what it says. You know that's not what it says.

Congregation: Amen. Deuteronomy 23 verse 17.

Pastor Anderson: You heard him. Deuteronomy 23. What is it?

Congregation: 17 and 18.

Pastor Anderson: Deuteronomy 23:17 and 18. What's the Bible say? Let's find out for myself here. "There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel. Thou shalt not bring the hire of a whore or the price of a dog into the house of the Lord thy God for any vow, for even both these are abomination unto the Lord thy God." Again, if you study the Old Testament, that's often a way that God expresses things where he'll restate things. He'll say it one way and then he'll say it a different way. He'll restate things using parallelism between two statements. The whole Book of Job is like that and most of Proverbs is like that. It's a pattern throughout the Bible. He talks about the whore and the sodomite and he talks about the whore and the dog. That's why the Bible says, "For without are dogs, sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, idolaters and whosoever loveth to make a lie." Which sin is he referring to when he says, "Dogs?" What about when he says, "Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision. For we are the circumcision which worship God in the Spirit and rejoice in Christ Jesus and have no confidence in the flesh"?

Why is he telling you, "Hey, when you're out soul winning, watch out for dogs, be sure there's no dog before you go in that gate"? When he said, "Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers and beware of the concision," the concision he's referring to the Jews there because he said there, "We're the circumcision. They're the concision." Okay. It's a fake circumcision because it's a physical circumcision, but it's not a circumcision of the heart and the spirit. He says, "We're the circumcision which worship God in the Spirit and rejoice in Christ Jesus and have no confidence in the flesh." What do those two things have to do with one another? I don't know. Have you been to Tel Aviv lately where there's these gay pride flags lining the streets? Have you read Romans 9 where it says, "Hey. If they had not been left a seed, they would have been like Sodom and been likened to Gomorrah"? That's coming true. That's happening. The Bible calls them dogs.

The Bible calls them beasts. The Bible calls them filthy. The Bible calls them vile. The Bible calls them reprobate. What does the Bible say in Romans 1? Look down at your Bible. Did you turn there? Romans 1. Let me just show you the foolishness of the media and the false Christian paradigm that people are operating under. It says in Romans 1:26, "For this cause, God gave them up unto vile affections. For even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature and likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman burned in their lust one toward another. Men with men, working that which is unseemly and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet, and even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness." Look. That's what the Bible says about these sodomites. Men with men, he says they are filled with all unrighteousness.

Now, a lot of people will purposely ... none of it's by accident. I don't believe that anymore. It's all done by design. When they sit there and say, "Oh. Romans I is about a whole bunch of sins. It's not just about sodomy." No. It's describing the sodomites because being filled is not how you start a sentence. What does the Bible say? "Being filled." That's a continuation of something else. If you would have started out a sentence like that in elementary school, you would have got a little red X by that if you said being filled is a complete sentence. Being filled with all unrighteousness. Period. "That's not a complete sentence, Johnny. You get a big red X through that because that's a continuation of something else." The full sentence is even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled. These people are filled with these things. That's what it's actually saying. Anybody who tells you otherwise is a liar because it's clear. Is your Bible different? Does everybody have a semicolon and "being filled"?

Congregation: Yeah.

Pastor Anderson: Everybody have the same thing? Okay. Then, we're all in the same page. What's the deal? Where are people coming up with this? "Oh, it's just condemning a whole bunch of sins." No. It's telling you that sodomites are doing all these sins, that they are filled with all unrighteousness. Now, you could have just stopped right there, "Being filled with all unrighteousness" because that's all, that's everything, but God then gets specific of what exactly they're filled with. He says, "Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity, whisperers, backbiters, haters of God." That is the truth. He says, "Despiteful," which is another word for hateful. Then, they call we're hateful. The Bible says, "They're the ones that are despiteful. They're the ones that are haters of God."

It says, "Despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful." I want to focus on one word in that list. That's the subject tonight. Implacable. Now, unfortunately a lot of people don't know what this word means. Some people just read over this and they just glaze over on that word. That is an important word. These pizza places and bakeries need to understand that word implacable, because you know what implacable means? It means someone who is impossible to appease. You cannot appease them. That's what implacable means. Look it up in the dictionary. It's someone who cannot be pacified. No matter what you give them, they're going to want more. No matter what you get them, they're never going to stop.

They're never going to back down because they will never be satisfied. Never. It's not possible because they're implacable. That able at the end, they're not able to be placated. They cannot be placated, their implacable. You can't appease them. That means you can't compromise with them. Compromising with them is a waste of time, because if you say, "Let's just give them a little bit. Let's just throw them a bone and we can live at peace with all men like God wants us to." No. You cannot placate these people. They will always want more. You bake them cupcakes. That's not enough. No. You have to bake the cake for our faggot wedding itself. It's not enough for you to just basically feed us and serve us and act like we're normal. Look, I'm not going to act like homos are normal. They're not normal.

I'm not just going to smile and shake their hand and treat them like everyone else. They're not normal. They're disgusting and filthy and reprobate and evil and they are destroying our society. Listen to me. They are just completely militant and they're more evangelical than a lot of people in this room. They preach their gospel of sodomy more than you preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, some of you in this room. They are so aggressive. They are so militant. Look. They have time to sit there and write thousands of email to me because they think that they're going to back me down. You know what it's going to be a cold day in hell before I back up a millimeter, before I back up a centimeter. I will not back up at all. Not even a little bit.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: None! Never! It's never going to happen! I don't care if half the church right now got up and walked out right now and said, "This is just too much, pastor. This is hard saying. Who can hear it?" I'd say, "Don't let the door hit you on your way out. Get out of here." You know what? Somebody has to get up and say this stuff. Somebody has to represent this book tonight. Listen. Christians on TV I don't care if it's these bunch of long haired hippies with Duck Dynasty. I don't care if it's Melissa. I don't care if it's Memories Pizza. I don't care if it's all these little Christian, Kirk Camerons and all these people. Look, nobody's representing the Word of God tonight on this subject in the mainstream. It's not being represented. It's my job to represent it. I will represent it. You know what? I'm not afraid of people leaving. I'm not afraid of losing listeners and losing. "Oh, you're just turning people away." You know what? I don't care because I only care about preaching the truth. That's all I care about.

You know what gets me up in the morning every day? I don't get up in the morning every day hoping that Faithful Word Baptist Church is going to get bigger. You know what gets me up in the morning every day? I want to preach a good sermon. When I say a good sermon, I don't mean one that people are going to like. One that pleases the Lord. One that's in the power of the Holy Spirit, one that's going to change lives, one that's going to pronounce the Word of God boldly and one that is going to fight the battle. It's a war. It's a battle. Look, I'm not a violent person. I have never laid hands on anyone and harmed them or injured them. I've never assaulted anyone or anything like that. I am not a violent individual. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal. You know what? I'm not going to assault anybody. I'm not going to lay hands on anybody.

Only in self-defense would I ever lay hands on anyone or use any physical weapons. If I were being assaulted, of course I would not flinch from defending myself or defending my family. Let me tell you this, I am ready to fight. You know what? I'm not going to hold back my sword from blood. I'm not talking about a physical sword. I'm talking about the Word of God. Listen. It's a fight. Notice he says, "Fight the good fight." He didn't say coach the good coaching, Joel Osteen. He didn't say, "Motivate the good motivation." He didn't say, "Encourage the good encouraging." He said, "Fight the good fight, Timothy. Fight. Fight!" You know what? If you can't see that there's a major fight going on right now ... it's happening. We're in the middle of it. Literally, we will tell our children and grandchildren someday.

I remember exactly when it changed when our country become Sodom. I could tell you exactly when it happened. I remember it was back in 2015 that they started rolling out this stuff. We could point to other times. Obviously, 1999. We could point to 1999 and say, "Hey, that's when they started rolling it out on TV." You know what? Are we going to sit there and be the generation that's so lame and so worthless that we just let these people walk all over us while we cry on TV because we don't have our bakery anymore? You know what? I don't care about your stupid bakery. I don't care about your sweet cakes and you know what? I don't want to eat your stupid junk food at your stupid cupcake shop. Oh, no. You have to be a garbage man. Oh no. Well, you know what? Maybe you should have took a stand and then God might have blessed you.

You didn't take a stand at all. You're the tool of the liberal media getting on TV and denying the truth and getting up and saying, "Oh, we don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. We don't want to tell them that they're wrong. It's just we don't live our lives ... we just can't, but we want to serve you." No, we don't. You liar. We think that homos are sick and disgusting because we're actually real Christians who believe the Bible and it's filthy, vile and abomination. The Bible says, "Whosoever lieth also with mankind as he lieth with a woman, even both of them have committed abomination. They shall surely put to death. Their blood shall be upon them." That's what I believe. I don't care how many gaytheists and fagnostics write to me in my email and want to talk to me about shellfish on the Sabbath day. You know what? It's not my responsibility if people don't understand the Bible.

Of course, "The natural man receiveth not the things of God, for they are foolishness unto him. Neither can he know them because they're spiritually discerned." I don't care what people think. I don't care what these people write to me. I don't care what these monsters and these filthy dreamers and these bunch of perverts write to me. You think that I care if some pervert or what the SPLC or the ADL thinks of me? You know what? It's a badge of honor. I'm going to leap for joy if I get persecuted for this because you know what? I know great is my reward in heaven. They persecuted the prophets which were before me. I'm not giving an inch and if you're one of these people that's hanging on ... people have expressed it to me. People have emailed me. People have told me. "I just wish you'd just change on this homosexual thing. I love your preaching. I love your stuff on prophesy. I love it, but if you would just back down on this. You're so off on this." No, you're off and I will never change. I will go to the grave preaching what I'm preaching tonight.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: Whether that's tomorrow or 50 years from now, I will go to the grave preaching this. You know what? If I ever back down on this issue, you need to throw me out from being the pastor of this church. You need to play this back to me where I'm saying, "Listen to me old Steven Anderson. Listen to me watered down Steven Anderson. You have been brainwashed. Why did you buy a TV? Why did you watch sitcoms in Hollywood? Why did you start listening to this garbage? What are you doing, Steven Anderson of the future? Read Romans 1. Read 2 Peter 2. You're an embarrassment to me!" You know what? Seriously. I'm making a time capsule here. Love the technology.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: You say, "Why are you doing this?" I'm going to resist the devil and he's going to flee from you ... or he's going to flee from me. If you take this watered down [inaudible 00:50:35] he's going to walk all over you. Bullies? You can never give in to bullies. Didn't you learn that on the playground? Do you remember that on the playground? The kids who give in to the bullies just get bullied more. They give them their lunch money. You might think that's a cliche, but I actually went to a school where it was like, "Hey, kid. Give me your lunch money," literally. I've been there. I've lived it. Taking your lunch, taking your snacks, leaving you with just the fruits and vegetables, taking all the sweets and the whatever. What is it with these queers and cakes? First, they want your Twinkie. They wanted our Twinkies and Ding Dongs and Ho Hos. Back in school they'd take that stuff from you, these bullies on the playground. Now, they're bullying some cake shop in Oregon.

What kind of filthy weirdos are running the state of Oregon that want to fine these people? Look, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the government's right. Good night. Fining somebody for this? I'm just saying that I don't feel bad for Christians who are watered down compromisers. Why is Melissa being destroyed? She's trying to have it both ways and you always get destroyed. It's like there's one side of the road over here that represents standing with the Word of God. You know what? You're safe. You're on a rock. The Bible says that, "God will protect us. We're in his hand." It reminds me of this song, "He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock and covers me there with his hand." We're safe if we're on this rock right here. We're dwelling safely. Whom then shall we fear? "Oh. They can kill you." So, what? For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.

You know what? No, they can't kill me, because you know what? Jesus said to Pontius Pilot, "Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from heaven." Only when God allows me to be killed will I be killed. I'm not worried. Whatever he wants to do. Then, over on this side is the side of just total wickedness, total placating of evil, total, "Yeah. What color do you want that cake in? Let me give you the sodomy discount." Okay? Here's where people get into trouble. Instead of getting on this side of the road, they're just like there's this traffic just ... semis. Why? You've got to pick a side. Listen what the Bible says. It's Elijah speaking. 1 Kings 18:21. "And Elijah came unto all the people and said how long halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow him. If Baal be God, follow him." Good. If you want to worship Satan then go worship Satan, but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: You know what? If you're over here, you'll be safe because God is going to protect you. If you're over here you'll be safe because the devil is going to protect you. If you're in the middle right here trying to be a Christian who's watered down, nobody's going to protect you. You'll be crying on TV about, "I didn't want to hurt the sodomites. I didn't want to hurt their feelings. In fact, I feel bad for them, but why are you fining me $150,000?" The love of money is the root of all evil, Melissa. Who cares about your stupid $150,000. You know what? My country and my family and my society and my morality and the souls of mankind is worth more than $150,000, Melissa. I'm not going to cry one tear about your $150,000, but you know what? I'm going to cry for the death of America. I'm going to shed tears about the world that my family's going to have to live in because of Christians like you who won't take a stand. You know what? It's the Christians' fault because there are way more of us than there are of them. Way more.

You know how many people are sodomites in this country? 2%. I guarantee you I don't know how many people are saved, but I'll guarantee you way more than 2% of the United States is saved. You go out soul winning with me, if we knock on 50 doors that actually answer the door and we ask them, "Do you know for sure if you're going to heaven?" You know that several of those 50 are going to tell you, "I'm saved. I'm going to heaven. Jesus is the only way to heaven. It's all by faith and you can't lose your salvation." Who agrees with that? It's so true. Look, if you talk to 50 people, you know and I know a bunch of them are going to be already saved. You go out soul winning for a few hours, you run into people that are already saved all the time. Now, it might not be that way in certain parts of the world that are very dark spiritually. Look, in the United States a lot of people are saved. Now, the majority are not saved, but you and I know that there are a lot more people that are saved.

I'm not even talking about people that claim to be a Christian. Look, more than half of the people in this country claim to be a Christian. More than 50%. Tons of people in Arizona claim to be a Christian. If we counted all of them it's like, "Good night." There's way more of us than there are of them, but even if you only counted the people who are truly saved, who truly believe the gospel and have the Holy Spirit living inside them in the United States, it's way more than the sodomites in the United States of America. There are more children of God than these reprobates. It's the truth, but you know why they're winning? They're not backing down one inch. They are implacable. They will not even compromise one wit and you're just backing up, backing up, backing up. That's the only reason. All it would take would be for every Christian in this country to yell, "Boo!" one time. They'd all run back in the closet.

You know why everybody thinks I'm a fanatic and putting me on the HuffPo and putting me on these new shows and come interview me? "Do you still stand by what you said? Do you still believe that? Do you still not want to do it? Look. Yes, forever. Amen. Will never change, but you know why they keep asking me that is just because they're so used to everybody backing down. "What did you say? You're not changing? You're not backing down?" You know what? There needs to be an army of people. Not Elijah standing up and saying, "Hey." No. It's needs to be, "Seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal." They all need to stand up and [inaudible 00:57:34]. "I just don't like the fact that you're screaming from the pulpit." That's not the problem. If I got up here and screamed, "Jesus saves!" you'd love it. Right? Every Christian would be, "Woo!" Look at these holy roller churches. "Jesus! Woohoo!" It's not the volume that's the problem. It's what I'm saying that people don't like.

Congregation: Amen. True.

Pastor Anderson: What I'm saying is the truth. If they're implacable why try and compromise? Why give them an inch? Just picture it. Let me just tell you. You say, "What do the laws say about this?" Look, the First Amendment. Done. First Amendment. It's our religion. It's protected. Shut up. It's protected and I will never back down on it. They ask me, "Hey, would you perform a wedding for these people at your church?" I say, "No. They're not even allowed at our church." "Is that allowed? Is that legal?" I don't care. I would sooner shut this church down than let these pedophiles in.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: Period. No, it's not a hard decision. It's like they told Nebuchadnezzar. He said, "We're not careful to answer thee concerning this matter." There was just no doubt in their mind. They knew it wasn't right to bow down to that idol. There was no question. That's how it is with this subject. There's no doubt. Case closed. There it is right in the Word of God over and over again. I'm not going to back up a single step. I'm not careful to answer them concerning this matter. That's what it is. Speaking of the fact that they're implacable, you turn to Revelation 22. While you're turning there Isaiah 26:10 says, "Let favor be showed to the wicked, yet will he not learn righteousness. In the land of uprightness will he deal unjustly and will not behold the majesty of the Lord."

Some people it doesn't matter what you do or what you tell them. It's not going to fix anything. Listen to me. What I'm telling you tonight is the truth and we need a reset button. Even the Christians are leading us astray. It's not even just the liberal media. It's the Christians who are leading you astray the most. It's the liberal watered down Christians. That's why people, "Oh. Send your kid to this Christian school or get your kid this Christian textbook." I always tell people, "You know what? I'm not afraid that my children are going to read a science book that mentions evolution and start believing evolution because my kids are saved." When they have the Holy Spirit living inside them they're not going to start becoming an atheist and believing in evolution because they're saved. There's no danger. I don't worry about that. You know what does worry me, though? Is if they would become one of these watered down lily-livered, weak, pink tea, lemonade type Christians.

That is what worries me. That's what I'm afraid of, not afraid of them becoming some Big Bang believing evolutionist because they're saved, but I'm afraid that they'll get sucked into this. They'll be led away with the error of the wicked through these things. Revelation 22:11. Here's a key verse for you. Not often quoted verse, but it's the Word of God. Revelation 22:11. "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still. He which is filthy, let him be filthy still. He that is righteous, let him be righteous still. He that is holy, let him be holy still." You know what God's saying is that, "Look, there are people out there who are wicked, filthy people and there's nothing you can do about it. It's too late for them. They're doomed. Give up. Game over. You know what? You that are holy and you that are righteous just need to maintain the integrity of yourself."

You can't control other people. You can't make the filthy not be filthy anymore. You can't make the unjust stop being unjust. You can't fix that. Okay? You can't just bear the weight of the world on your shoulders and think that you're going to fix these people. You can't do it. That which is crooked cannot be made straight. No pun intended. You know what? We need to perfect holiness in the fear of God. Don't say we're not reaching people. Look, we go out evangelizing constantly in this church. Show me the another church in Phoenix that's doing more evangelizing. Show me the other church in Phoenix that's knocking more doors. "You know what? You don't love people." You know what? I've accidentally given the gospel to more homos than a lot of these bleeding hearts have given the gospel to them on purpose, because everybody who's a homo doesn't walk around wearing a sign that says, "I'm a homo." They should. "I have an STD. HIV positive."

They wear that on the billboards, but I've never seen them wearing that in the flesh. One of my neighbors wanted to punish me because my sermon was on the news where I was ripping on the sodomites last Christmas. I had my own. Charlie Brown had his Christmas special. I had my Christmas special. The AIDS free Christmas. Anyway, they wanted to punish me for that. Here's how they punish me. They put up a queer pride flag just right around the corner from me. They went on the internet and said, "This is the punishment for Pastor Anderson. We're going to fly this flag." I'm just thinking I wish they all flew that stupid flag because then we could know where not to let our kids not go anywhere near it and know who the enemy is so that we can stay as far away from them as possible so we don't have to look at them. "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still." I don't care what these filthy sodomites do. Let them be unjust. Let them be filthy. Who cares? You know what I'm going to do? Have integrity.

You know what I'm going to do? Preach God's word to God's people. That's who I care about correcting on this. Out amongst the unsaved? Look, unsaved people are going to be unsaved people. Filthy people are going to be filthy. What have I to do with that? The Bible says, "What have I to do to judge them also that are without?" He said, "Do not ye judge them that are within. Them that are without, God judges. Wherefore, put away from among yourselves that wicked person." The bottom line is that we need to worry about ourselves and keeping our own integrity right and preaching to our fellow Christians the truth of God's Word on this subject and on every subject in order to cut though the deception and the brainwashing of the devil. We need to teach our fellow believers.

That's what this sermon is for to teach them that. Then, we go out to the lost and we bring the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. You know what? If somehow some unsaved person hears this sermon and doesn't understand it and is turned away from the gospel, you know what? They're turned away from the Word of God. If they don't respect the righteous statutes and judgments of the Lord, there's nothing I can do for that person because they're crooked, they're unjust. All I can do is preach the word. You know what? It's working. We're winning people to Christ every week. Lots of people. We're winning lots of people to Christ every week. It's working. Not only that, we're growing in the Lord.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: People's lives are being changed. Our church is growing. Our church is thriving. We're having an impact on other people all across America and all across the world because what we're doing is working. You know what's not working? This appeasement crowd. The appeasement crowd that wants to just walk on eggshells and all the disclaimers and real careful how we deal with this subject. Look, there's nothing to be careful about this subject. It's open-and-shut. Anybody who reads the Bible has the right mentality on this. If you read a lot of Bible and you're one of these apologists for these people and you want to defend these people and everything, it just makes me wonder about you. "He that is of God heareth us." That's how we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.

When I start preaching, when I start showing somebody stuff from the Bible and talking out of the Bible and everything's just going ... that makes me think you're not saved. Why isn't the Holy Spirit guiding you into all truth? I thought, "He that is of God heareth God's word. Ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God." I thought they'd know the voice of the Shepherd. They hear him. They follow him. Why is it that certain people you show them verse after verse and it's just like ... ? They're not saved. That's why. Other people you show it to them and maybe they were ignorant about it before. That's okay. We all started out ignorant at some point. Maybe they've just been real brainwashed by TV. They're new to the subject. They're new to the Bible. Here's the difference. When you show it to them and they see it in the Word of God they just, "That's what it says. That's the spirit of truth."

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: Then, there's the spirit of error. That tells you that people are not of God. What kind of a person do you have to be to defend this stuff? Now, some people are just so stupid they haven't even thought about it. They haven't even thought about what these people do and how disgusting and filthy it is. They're just stupid. Listen, they're idiots! I don't say that lightly. Christians who want to just love all of these homos they're stupid is what they are. You're stupid. That's like saying, "Oh. I'm just going to love on the person who is holding a knife to my throat and ready to kill me. I'm just going to be nice." No. You need to kick them in the groin when somebody's got a knife to your throat. You need to do something to get out of there.

The bottom line is that this appeasement mentality is either stupid or it's from evil people. You're either stupid or evil if you're for these sick perverts. You know what? You say, "Oh, they're just more loving than you, Pastor Anderson. They just love people more." No, they don't because they're ruining their testimony to the whole world. I just preached about it a few weeks ago. If you really loved people do you love one billion Hindus? I do. Do you love 1.6 billion people living in India today? You know what? Homosexuality is illegal over there and they think that you in America are stupid and sick for allowing it.

Congregation: So true.

Pastor Anderson: You're willing to destroy your testimony to 1.4 billion people over there in India, and you're willing to destroy your testimony to 1.6 billion Muslims. Yeah. The Muslims have lots of problems. I'm going to be doing a sermon, Islam in light of the Bible. I'm working on it. It's coming.

Congregation: Good.

Pastor Anderson: It's a wicked religion, but let me tell you something. I love them and want them to be saved.

Congregation: Right. Amen.

Pastor Anderson: Just like I love the Catholics and want them to be saved. I love the Hindus and want them to be saved. I love the people of India. I don't want to nuke them all. I don't want to kill them all and let God sort them out. I want to actually see them get saved. You know what? A lot of these Arabs and Persians are actually really nice people.

Congregation: Yes, they are.

Pastor Anderson: They need to be saved. You know what? We in America are so busy falling all over ourselves to reach people that are impossible to reach, that hate God, that are implacable, that have zero interest in the gospel, that are the most disgusting, wicked people that the Bible describes. We're falling all over ourselves because we love them so much and we're destroying our testimony to the entire world. We're just letting billions of people going to hell and don't even care. Look, when was the last time you heard about a bunch of preachers getting up and talking about, "What can we do to fix our testimony and what can we do to reach Muslims? What can we do to get Muslims saved? What can we do to get the Hindus saved?" How often do you even hear people talk like that?

It's just like, "These Arabs ... " "Oh, he's real. Oh, Jews. Oh, tiny nation of Israel with seven million people in it." "India? Where's that?" "Oh, the Arabs? Yeah, nuke them." "Yeah! America! Yeah!" "Iran is the axis of evil." No, you're the axis of evil, George Bush. You're just as evil, George W. Bush, as any president of Iran has ever been. It's both wicked. I'm not defending them. The leadership over there is wicked. The leadership over here it's spiritual wickedness in high places. Look, even in the Book of Daniel there was a demon ruling over Persia, Iran even back then. You know what? I don't want to destroy my testimony to those people. I love those people. I want them to be saved. You know what? If it was really about loving people, you know what? We would be loving people other than the people that we're told to love every day on TV.

Isn't it just convenient that you just happen to coincidentally just want to talk how much you love the certain people that are just told every day that you need to love these people. Look, here's the thing. Do I love the unsaved Jews and want them to be saved? Yeah. What's funny is just like love is real, love is real, love the Jews, love the Jews. Why isn't like love the Arabs? Love the Chinese. Love the Persians. Love Africa. Why isn't it that? Why are we just picking certain groups? Then, we just pick the one small, tiny group that God said, "Hate these people." Tiny group. The sodomites, the sons of Belial, the reprobates. It's like, "No, that's who we want to love, but we hate Pastor Anderson." Wake up, people. Wake up.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: This sermon is your spiritual alarm clock. You need to wake up tonight. We need a sermon like this every once in a while to wake us up.

Congregation: Amen.

Pastor Anderson: Let's bow our heads and have a word of prayer. Father, we thank you so much for your Word, Lord. We thank you for the rock of our salvation, Lord, that doesn't just assure us eternal life and a home in heaven, but it gives us a rock to stand on where we never have to be moved, Lord. We don't have to stand on the shifting sands that Melissa is standing on tonight and Memories Pizza and all these other tools of the media standing on the shifting sands where they are talking completely differently than Christians talked 20 years ago and 40 years ago and 100 years ago, Lord. Help us to stand on the rock that never changes. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Congregation: Amen.