The following articles substantiate information put forth in the pro-life sermon "The Seven Sins of IVF" by Pastor Steven L Anderson:


1. The Correlation between IVF and Eugenics

Yuppy Eugenics

Columnist Ellen Goodman Predicted in 1980 Eugenics by IVF

Anti-religion Extremist Dawkins Advocates Eugenics

German Scientist Urges IVF Doctors to Re-Appraise Nazi Eugenics

Embryo Eugenics Finds New Uses

A search for the two terms "IVF" and "eugenics" on yields 77,300 hits.

2. Homosexuals Using IVF to have Children Together

Lesbians Plan IVF to Create a "Shared" Baby

A Girl and a Boy for Melissa and Tammy Etheridge

Gay British Men Pay Fertility Clinic for Designer Babies 

A search for the two terms "IVF" and "lesbians" on yields 219,000 hits.


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